1 February 2017


You have a choice. You can stumble out of bed, meander to work, and set your day on autopilot, going through the motions of ‘yet another day’ like a zombie, not really ‘there.’ Or, you can wake up intent to make a difference, take responsibility, and own your actions.

Your attitude is more important than your position or line of work. And you can have an impact – and leave a positive impression on those around you – no matter what your work title is.

Today, I begin a new chapter in my life. I greet the world with my writing, communications, and storytelling agency – Monsieur Marcel Classics. We are a small consultancy creating narrative-driven speeches, research reports, business and personal histories, ghostwritten pieces & solutions journalism features. Our commitment is to help individuals and organizations tell their stories in beautiful words with timeless impact. We want to help people thrive by using the power of narrative to engage, enlighten, and spark action from their audience.

I’ve recently faced some difficult choices that have forged this new path. The mental health of my ageing father who has Alzheimer’s is in sharp decline. He has always been my closest friend and number one supporter. After 7 years living in Ottawa, Toronto, Brussels, and Riga, I will be leaving my Ph.D. studies and moving back to my hometown, Vancouver, to better support him.

My personal predicament made me do a lot of soul-searching, decide what was important to me, and re-discover who I am.

The only thing that seemed natural was to go back to my roots.

And from a young age, I have always felt most at ease composing and writing stories, letters, and poetry. It only made sense then to try to use my abilities to create a career.

So if you are struggling in your job or counting down the minutes until you can ‘punch out’ of the office, a simple question: What if, for one day, you put ‘you’ into your work? What if you were at peace with yourself and truly living?

When we bring our full selves – our richness, our complexities, our peculiarities and personality – to our work, we all win. My bet is your health, happiness, and productivity, and that of your team, will increase exponentially.

My simple suggestion is to find what you are really good at, naturally, and focus your energies on doing those one or two things really well. No matter what the size of your organization or your formal job title, you can surely find a creative avenue to deploy your skills and abilities…and just be you.

Today, I hope you’ll share your gifts with the world. Let us never forget who we are and where we came from.

~ M. Marcel

Writer & Creative Director, Monsieur Marcel Communications Classics