Each project is unique. But you can expect the same fine, tailored service from us.

Our goal is to understand your aspirations and help you craft your narrative.

Manuscript Preparation: Recording, Writing, and Editing

We help our clients create their Memoirs, recording their histories for family, friends, colleagues, and future generations.

Through a process of Guided Autobiography, we work with you to document your story and elicit your values and wisdom.

The process involves writing or audio recording of your stories, or both, then shaping your perspectives into a coherent narrative with chapters.

We specialize in publishing memoirs and autobiographies for individuals, communities, and companies, in particular:

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Custom Design and Self-published Books

We offer our clients customized book layout and design with personal photos. A variety of print and digital formats are available at affordable prices.

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Memoir Writing Workshops

Learn how to write you memoir and join a lifewriters’ community! Our engaging workshops help you tap into your creativity. They feature brainstorming, in-class writing, and storytelling. Our guided workshops encourage you to reflect on your experiences, progress on your memoir, and share short stories with peers. In-class writing tips and editorial assistance are provided.

If you are interested in joining a Memoir Writing Workshop or in organizing sessions for your residence or activity centre, please get in touch.

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Your story is our number one priority.

We love what we do and take pride in handling your project with care.


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We prepare a project schedule to ensure your works reach you when you need them.


 We immerse ourselves in your world, through interviews, design exercises, and research.


 We help you shape your story, lifting your narrative off the page and into your audience’s hearts and minds.


Our designers enrich your story through visuals matching your unique mission.


 Your manuscript is handled – from conception to research to writing to book design – with care and attention to detail.

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