How We Help You Develop Your Manuscript

An autobiography is a lot of work! Let us help you tackle your challenges. We offer Memoir Writing, Guided Autobiography, and à la carte services, with customized (digital and print) self-publishing options.

Memoir Writing

For full-life memoirs.

First, we record and transcribe your stories. For a full-life history, covering your upbringing, education, personal, family, and professional life, expect between 10 to 14 hours of interviews.

Next, we take this material and build your narrative, according to your crucible moments and experiences. This step may involve writing and editing to fill in gaps and make your story flow.

We organize your manuscript into chapters and sections. Your text is proofread, fact-checked, and copy-edited. Research ensures that we don’t miss important facts or context.

Guided Autobiography (GAB)

For shorter memoirs.

Our GAB services follow the same process as that for memoir writing, except for one difference: Your exact words are used for your final manuscript. Your interviews are carefully transcribed and organized into chapters of your life. We do a light edit of your manuscript and go through two rounds of drafts with you before publication in your desired format.

À la carte

For those who are already well into writing their memoirs and need specific assistance.

We help our clients integrate and shape their written texts into readable and accessible manuscripts.  Writing, editing, proofreading, researching, photo scanning and editing, and design and layout services are available on demand. Inquire for pricing.

Custom Design and Book Publication

We offer our clients custom-designed e-book and printed, self-published books. Our designers handle design and layout (with personal photos) of your book according to your requests. We work with local printers to print and bind your book. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like more information about the different self-publishing options.

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