Your beautiful journey. Your life story.

You are remarkable. You have quirks and special tastes.

Stories about the rich and famous are fascinating. We enjoy reading of their adventures, and hope to parrot their success and avoid their follies.

But each of us also has a story waiting to be told and shared with the world. Your life has been filled with a succession of moments – some beautiful, some heart-rending – and dynamic events creating You.

A personal history, or memoir, strives to capture your essence, document your life experiences, and tell your story for you and your admirers.

In crafting your personal narrative, we take the time to elicit your best self, to uncover your treasure, and to illuminate your gifts.

We look forward to meeting you, helping you reflect on your experiences, and co-creating your life story.

Express Yourself. ~ M. Marcel

How our personal history services work

We offer Memoir Writing & Guided Autobiography services, with customized (digital and print) self-publishing options.

Memoir Writing

A personal history project is a lot of work! Let us help you tackle your challenges.

For our memoir writing services, we take on a large writing and editing role in helping you craft your life story.

For a full-life history, covering your upbringing, education, personal, family, and professional life, you can expect between 10 to 14 hours of interviews. This material will be recorded and transcribed.

We then take this material and re-arrange it to build your narrative, according to your crucible moments and experiences.

In close consultation with you and your family, we will personalize your narrative into chapters and sections. You choose between a third or first person story. Your manuscript is professionally proofread and edited. Additional research ensures that we don’t miss important facts or context.

We always strive to bring out your richness. Your life is worth celebrating!

Guided Autobiography (GAB)

For our GAB services, we follow the same process as memoir writing, except that your life story is told in first person and your exact words will be used for your final manuscript. We take a slightly less hands-on approach for GAB than for memoir writing services. Your interviews are carefully transcribed and organized into themes of your life. We do a light edit of your manuscript and go through two rounds of drafts with you before publication in your desired format.


We help our clients preserve their stories in customized e-book and printed books. Our designers and artists handle design and layout. We work with local printers to print and bind your story into a book. Please inquire if you have any questions or would like more information about the different types of available publishing options for your personal history.

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