Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Services

What are your service charges?

So we can understand your needs and best serve you, please describe your project to us and we will provide a quote on request.

How long does a project take to complete?

A full-life personal history can typically take six to eight months from start of project to completion of manuscript. That time-frame covers planning, interviewing, transcribing, writing, and editing work. A collection of vignettes, or short life stories, can be accomplished in half that time.

Add one to two months for design, layout, and printing, should you choose to publish your book.

A corporate/business history can take between three to five months, depending on the scope of your project.

A full-length novel, can take up to one year to complete all interviews, research, and writing.

A ghostwritten article can be crafted on demand.

Content & Process

Should I include painful experiences in my Lifewriting?

A unique personal endeavour, Lifewriting is a powerful way to creatively express oneself and to reflect on and make sense of events and experiences in our lives. Many comment on the therapeutic, in some cases cathartic, benefits of writing and sharing their life story with others.

Ultimately, you choose what to include and what not to include in your life story. If some things are too painful to revisit, you may choose to bury them with the past. That said, writing about traumatic or harrowing times in your life can also open doors for you to re-contextualize and re-frame past events (see things under a new light), and, perhaps, heal old wounds.

It feels strange talking/writing about myself. Am I torn by ego?

Quite possibly. We each have a little voice in our head pressuring us to meet expectations and causing us to procrastinate. Overcome writer’s block.  Think of the joy and learning others might receive from reading about your life. Share your story. Inspire others.

How can I get my book published?

Getting published may be one of your goals. The traditional publishing world is difficult to crack. For those wanting to write for the general public, consider writing your story first. Then explore options for finding a literary agent or publisher directly.

If you want to create a book to share with family and friends, we work with our clients to design, layout (w/personal photos), and self-publish their books.

Why Write?

I don’t have an interesting story. Who would want to read about my life?

We all have an interesting story to share. Fame is not required.

We have each been through unique experiences that have shaped who we are. We grow through our ups and downs, and have wisdom to impart. Your family, friends, and admirers will be delighted to discover more about you and your life journey.