M. Marcel, Principal, Consultant / Speaker

M. Marcel is a writer and storyteller at heart. A former Global Journalism Fellow at the University of Toronto, his works have been published by the CBC, the Globe and Mail, National Post, Financial Post, Corporate Knights Magazine, the Boston Globe, and the Vancouver Sun.

Marcel’s curiosity of writing was piqued as a young man reading newspapers and composing materials for his father’s Vancouver-based retail fashion business.

He spent four years public policy planning at Canada’s Foreign Ministry. He has provided communications and editorial services for the European Union in Canada, university research centres and non-profits in Ottawa, Brussels, and Riga.

Marcel is an avid reader who enjoys practicing calligraphy, snowboarding, and playing soccer and ice hockey.

Marcel holds a M.A. in International Affairs and diploma in Ethics and Public Affairs, from Carleton University in Ottawa, and a B.A. in International Relations from the University of British Columbia. He is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association.

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Lauren Spooner Book Design Memoir Layout Manuscript Personal History LegacyLauren Spooner, Graphic Designer

Lauren is a Vancouver-based designer who infuses her creative talents into our personal and business histories. Since graduating from The Art Institute of Vancouver in 2010 she has helped numerous B.C. businesses improve their design and attract business. Lauren has a strong passion for traditional and digital illustration.

Jong Wong, Writer Creative Writing Fiction UBC Jong WonLifewriting Intern

Jong is a Creative Writing Major at the University of British Columbia. Aspiring to be a fiction writer, he has found fiction writing, poetry, and life writing to be enriching experiences. Jong is passionate about creating connections and openness with others through dialogue and expressive forms of writing.

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