Personal historians and caretakers of your legacy.

Everyone has a story waiting to be told.

Words can ignite a flame within and illuminate darkness. They can invite your reader to reminisce on the past or dare her to imagine bright futures. They can spring laughter, or cause teardrops.

Your words and ideas are your most precious possessions. And there is a word for every occasion.

But you have only one shot at leaving a lasting first impression with a busy audience swimming in a sea of information and choice.

At Monsieur Marcel, we are committed to helping you tell your story effectively and with timeless impact.

Together, we will pen your journey, lift your audience’s spirits, and conquer your boldest challenges. We’ll discover the extraordinary in the mundane, and breathe life into the inanimate.

Your narrative has the potential to touch hearts and minds. And your beautiful mission deserves nothing less than excellent attention to detail and high-quality composition. What’s your story?

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From the fountain of my pen to the depths of your heart.
~ M. Marcel, 2018


Personal/Community Histories

You only live once. But your wisdom, values, and experiences can be everlasting. Let’s preserve your legacy for your family, friends, and admirers.

Business/Corporate Histories

How to secure your legacy and strengthen your brand? Let’s create a compelling narrative of your past and present, and desired future.

Ghostwriting Books

Ever thought of penning your ideas or story? Maybe you have, but are short on time or don’t know where to begin. Let’s unleash your potential and tell your story in your voice.

What Our Clients & Friends Say

“Thank you for all you have done to make my memoir far better than I expected.”

~ Jeremy Triggs (b. 1929, Lahore, India)

“In Fall 2017, as we were entering our 30th year in business, we began winding down our company due to the partners’ desire to retire. We wanted to commemorate our 30 years in a book complete with photos, facts and testimonials from the partners, current and retired employees. Fortunately for us, Marcel of MMCC agreed to take on the challenging task of telling our story. Marcel was able to amalgamate countless hours of personal interviews, questionnaires, dozens of photos, and facts into an interesting and professionally written story for the members of PAX, our family and close friends to cherish as a keepsake. We were really impressed that he could creatively weave our different experiences and reflections into one cohesive story.

On the administration side, Marcel kept us on task by setting up a timeline and gently nudging us when submissions were due – thanks to this we made our deadline. The graphic design was outstanding and contemporary, and the final product is a beautiful coffee table book we are extremely proud to display.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great team at MMCC.”

~ Peter Brauer, Jo Li, & Paul Loewen, Partners, PAX Construction Ltd.

“I recently left the workplace and was looking for a way to keep my active mind busy. I thought to try creative Lifewriting and wanted a coach to keep me on track. The results so far of working with M. Marcel have been positive. I’ve discovered new things about myself that I never knew. It’s been therapeutic. Who needs a psychologist when you can enhance your self-development with M. Marcel?”

~ Pauline Tolan, former sales and trade relations manager, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Canada)

“I worked in industry all my life, thus my writing is business oriented, concise, and factual. M. Marcel restructured the format of my manuscript and with editorial changes made it significantly more flowing and readable. Interviews with M. Marcel allowed me to open up and expand on my life story – my family and professional life, business adventures, travels, and personal reflections – for my Memoirs.

I was most appreciative of his help and guidance and would happily recommend his services to others.”

~ Ron Nelson Sr., C.A., C.M.A., C.P.A. Former: Managing Director, Qualinta Ltd., Cyprus; VP & CFO, Calgary Overseas Development Ltd.; Senior VP & CFO, The Scoular Company; VP (Finance & Admin, Canada.), Enron Corp.; VP (Project Control & Accounting), Foothills Pipelines Ltd.; Senior VP (Finance & Admin.), Weyerhaeuser (Canada) Ltd.

“M. Marcel facilitated a series of Lifewriting Workshops at our seniors’ residence. The workshops were very well received by those who attended.  As a spectator, I was surprised at the discussions that came from the experience. Several participants were very happy to have had the opportunity.”

 ~ Sue Bolton, Lifestyle Consultant, Astoria, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

“Having written many stories over the years, I needed some help to collect them all before they were lost. A chance meeting with Marcel at our local writers group, and a request of his assistance with design and printing, culminated in a fine 155-page book. Marcel’s service was very professional and communicating was timely and positive.”

 ~ Diane Kizik-MacDonald

“Marcel’s Lifewriting workshops are very well thought out. He is professional, well-spoken and knows how to relate to the residents. During his workshops the residents were able to open up and share personal stories. Marcel created a safe, comfortable environment for them to do so.”

~ Reyna Brucker, Active Living Manager, Cedar Springs Parc, North Vancouver, B.C.

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Marcel during the year he was enrolled in the Munk School’s Fellowship in Global Journalism. Marcel made his mark as a diligent, reliable and enthusiastic Fellow specializing in international trade and investment, but with a wide range of other interests. His pieces have been published by, among others, The Globe and Mail, The Boston Globe, Corporate Knights and National Post. I wish him well in his exciting new venture.”

~ Bernard Simon, former Canada correspondent for The Financial Times

“Marcel and I met at a national convention in 2012. He immediately struck me as articulate and innovative in his remarks. We have remained friends since. Marcel has helped me review and edit some of my public policy dossiers. His expertise, passion and energy comes through in his written texts on the issues he deeply cares about.” 

~ Tim Reid, B.A. (Tor.), M.A. (Yale), M.Litt. (Oxon/Rhodes Scholar), AMP (Harvard). Former: Member of the Ontario Legislature; Economist, OECD, Paris; Deputy Secretary, Treasury Board, Government of Canada; President, Canadian Chamber of Commerce; Dean of Business, Ryerson.

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