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Marcel Communications is a Canadian Design Agency that
specializes in public and higher education communication initiatives.


Rise above the noise:
Dynamic communications
campaigns to elevate your voice

We provide a full suite of competent consultancy services that focus specifically on building proactive campaigns that elevate your brand for maximum audience awareness and engagement.


Design thinking for communicative foresight, ingenuity and timeless impact.

We put our knowledge to work for you

Our consultants are experienced subject matter experts in public, EU and global affairs and international development. Our technical-creative team is trained in design, videography, journalism, digital marketing and website development.

We leverage current and emerging technologies

Delivering online events, communications campaigns and blended learning training solutions, we harness technology to communicate your message with impact.

We study and apply the latest research and trends in design, digital marketing and communications

Informed marketing to bring clarity and strong results to your public and higher education communications campaigns.

Art of the possible : Multi-dimensional perspectives to tackle your biggest challenges.



Martina Sami giving a speech on board the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition

Communications and visibility campaign on EU Arctic, Indigenous and environmental engagement and the journeys of four Sami (three students and one educator) on the SoI Arctic Expedition. Client: EU Delegation to Canada.

Communications campaign to raise public awareness of EU clean tech SMEs and European SME awareness of new business opportunities thanks to CETA. Client: EU Delegation to Canada.

Ron Nelson and Renee dancing on a West Indies Beach, 1992

An autobiographical project – Ron Nelson III Memoirs (hardcover) – Co-created, edited, designed and published by Marcel Communications. Client: Private.

Our Clients

Public institutions and agencies, universities and individuals.


"I was most appreciative of his help and guidance and would happily recommend his services to others."

I worked in industry all my life, thus my writing is business oriented, concise and factual. M. Marcel restructured my manuscript and with editorial changes made it significantly more flowing and readable. Interviews allowed me to open up and expand on my life story.
Ron Nelson delivering a speech for InterNorth, Omaha, Nebraska
Ron Nelson III
Ron Nelson Sr., C.A., C.M.A., C.P.A. Former: Managing Director, Qualinta Ltd., Cyprus; VP & CFO, Calgary Overseas Development Ltd.; Senior VP & CFO, The Scoular Company; VP (Finance & Admin, Canada.), Enron Corp.; VP (Project Control & Accounting), Foothills Pipelines Ltd.; Senior VP (Finance & Admin.), Weyerhaeuser (Canada) Ltd.

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